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Sometimes we just need some advice, guidance or words to help bring clarity to where you are and what's going on. A letter from your Guides and Higher self is completed by you answering some questions (or asking some) as I tuned into the awareness of your energy and write for you. 

Gift yourself the gift of knowledge, energy and clarity or gift to someone special...


Please allow 7 days for completion and delivery. 

'I never thought I would have a coach or mentor, but what I have learned is there a things I didn't know about myself, parts of me that I didn't know were affecting my life today. I learnt about my energy, how I am the creator of my life, the controller of my emotions and so much more than my physical self. I have found purpose and passion and its because I chose to put attention on myself, work on myself and I wouldn't have done that without a mentor.'

Intuitive Coaching and Therapy is utilising all the tools and foundations of personal development and adding an intuitive characteristic. We dive into the foundation of self and who you are as your most authentic expression affecting all aspects of your life, work, relationships, purpose and self.

Insights and Readings are done for you utilising a range of energetic tools to deliver you some guidance so that you can grow and learn to move forward.

Quick Hit Guidance - $20

For those short on time, or with a specific question, or in need of a boost of energy and insight into your life as a 'snapshot' ; where you are where you are going, this is for you.

Answered within 4 hours.

Oracle Card Readings- $50.00 Intuitively choosing a deck we can move through a process of discovering the best style of reading for you. Relationships/Career/Life/Path can be addressed.

Session completed over skype or offered in written form.





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