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Amazon Blaze: 4 things YOU CAN do today...

A lot of the world is on fire at the moment, but the most prominent earth disaster occurring is the burning of the Amazon. Whether you believe it was nature or a man conspired fire (I know which one I am pointing fingers at), it is a HUGE WAKE UP CALL to humanity as a whole.

Knowing that I can’t get on a plane and somehow rescue every animal there and put the fire out myself (trust me, if I could I would), there a some actions you can implement in order to support the beautiful Amazon and our Earth that is currently taking a beating.

1) Donate to an emergency appeal or rainforest initiatives.

You don’t have to be handing over an insane amount of money. A small amount goes a long way when everyone chips in. There are several Emergency Appeals set up that you can donate too, trusted providers like WWF and Amazon Watch. It’s not just the fact that the Amazon and nature is burning, the animals that are perishing, the homes lost, the hurt and homeless; their world is crashing down around them.

2) Reduce your paper and wood consumption.

Is it really that hard to opt for a higher percentage of recycled item? The difference may be 2 dollars but when you step back and look at the big picture, you tell me?

3) Reduce your beef consumption (MEAT FREE MONDAYS)

I think the most important thing to say here is that the world is not asking you to put on hemp clothing, braid your hair, shower only once a week and eat tempeh and leaves forever. Swapping some of your meals out for meat free meals is such a good way to dip your toe in the waters of vegetarian foods. Over the years I have slowly introduced my carnivore partner to meatless options that don’t discount on flavor. He has slowly converted and now is happy to eat meat only 1-2 times a week! Jackfruit taco’s, savoury mince (not mince haha), tempeh burgers, stuffed capsicum with cashew cheese and cous cous, veg-haloumi (seriously good), cashew chilli cheeses, tofurkey sausages, baked goods, coconut yogurts and beans that are cooked as beans should be! I promise once you start the transition, you will shock yourself how much you enjoy it. There is seriously an option or swap out for most things if you get creative!

4) CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept that is now becoming integral to the success of companies because yay, society now is demanding they practice it. It is where companies integrate social, ecological and environmental concerns into their business operations. This is evolving more every year but if we begin to hold businesses accountable for their practices! Invest in purchases that support causes, the environment and ethical practices.

So, if you want to do something, save yourself from indifference, it could be as little something like this;

'Donate your breakfast date money to the Emergency Appeal, wipe your ass with some recycled toilet paper; fold don’t scrunch! Tonight eat a veg burger, with some veg haloumi and next time you go to dress that body the ‘earth’ has gifted you, check the CSR on the company; find out whose pockets you’ve been lining.'

Love and other things x


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