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Are You Ready For This?

There is a big cosmic event, all astrological, energetic and science based aspects occurring today, 12:45pm, when the infinite light comes directly in astronomical amounts to the Earth in a rare celestial event of Pluto conjunct Jupiter. When this planetary alignment has occurred in history, it has been at integral points of Earths evolution. The beginning and end of the ice age, the prehistoric creature extinction, the disappearance of the Mayans, Atlantis and Lemurians. This event carries with it a true power, one to be honoured and a gift to be explored. As it's peak arrives, the meditation is to allow it to move through us, to transform and strip away the lower frequencies of this current state, to ascend beings into a new existence that some of you would of never though possible.

You can not deny that there is something going on with the Earth right now. We are being confined to our homes, the virus pandemic, the fear, the panic, the mass arrests, the breakdown of the governing structures that once controlled us and the exposure of the underlying operations that ideally were developed to keep us tied to the strings of the puppeteers that control the world. As we feel like our freedom is being stripped away, we turn to the governing bodies to return the years of support we have supplied them. Don't be surprised if the internet begins the fail, the global blackout occurs or if systems are slow, be prepared for it, acknowledge it and trust it.

Everything is changing and we are changing too, becoming more aware as we slow down only to speed up. The central sun is blasting the solar system, gamma rays are being experienced by many, solar flares are so frequent they are felt in waves like the consistent ocean and the energy is increasing moment by moment preparing for the shift. As more energy is grounded here on Earth, its activation illuminates when the conjunction occurs, the portal opens and all things are divine light. The light has always been available, just as Tesla's free energy but it was hidden away from us, demonised so that the Deep State could continue to grow their power whilst we continued to slip into a 'deep' sleep. This is no longer in play, as the information is flowing to us, we are able to ground it, act as the conduit and interpret the downloads as they come, decoding them into reality.

Some of you might feel like you have NO energy, like this energy is really dense and heavy. If you need sleep a little more than usual, rest, take it slow do so. Honour your body in these weeks and after the portal opening today, there will be a few days where you might feel wiped out.

Some of you might be feeling rather energetic, super energetic in fact, not being able to sit down or finding it hard to ground. There is so much energy flowing to and around you like you actually don't know what to do with it, so you can't sleep, your mind is going at 100 miles an hour and you are bouncing off the walls, (this has been me). I have tried everything from old habits, to CBD to slow my system down and my body actually fought it the whole time. (How many wines can one have before she can't run or jump around like an idiot, well alot apparently.)

This isn't just for the ones who have had an interest in energy, an awareness of spirit or self, this is for everyone. The Earth is in need of great healing, it is time for a change, for the way we are governed, controlled, for what we are allowed to see and what is hidden from us. It doesn't work anymore, as we continue to awaken, as new life is birthed on earth everyday, these souls have lived and learned before. Today is a new day, a new chance and a moment where we get to be apart of something bigger than ourselves.

20 minutes, 12:45 pm, sit down, no distractions, set your intention for healing, for change, for this virus to be lifted and for yourself, to be aligned in the universal energy available to you. If you have kids, get them involved, kids are so receptive to energy! If you would like a guided meditation for the 20 minutes click on the link below;

Love and other things xo


5D Voice


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