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  • TheIndiGypsy

As The Construct Melts

As my head hit the pillow the images came fast. It was like the world was melting around me, my reality was being stripped back, to nothing. I felt my body respond to the fear that started to rise, my heart began to beat faster and all of a sudden, the thought process had begun.

I had a desire to ring my mother, to just say goodnight or to tell her I loved her, I pictured all my families faces in my head and though ‘are these just projections of my mind, lessons for me to learn, experiences for me to have’? I weighed up the most important things to share another moment with, this felt like a death sequence, like someone had jammed the red pill down my throat whether I liked it or not. I know I have an awareness that is active, what I did not realise is the part of me that clings to the construct that is the current reality. I just wanted to cuddle the dogs, send a message or two or though in my head maybe just give me another few days before you completely shatter what I thought I knew.

It’s coming, well no, it’s here. The change, the shift, it’s constantly evolving and as the buttons continue to be pushed to further power the next phase of eye opening action, I am acknowledging the stage where the two worlds merge.

The paradigm that once was has is being played like a rub-ix cube, only the colours won’t stay true to their squares. If you think that things ‘will go back to normal’, tell me, what’s normal? Is this a test run to see how we respond to new world order and where the focus needs to be on those that discover they have a voice.

Everything must have balance and when it doesn’t, the full circle will provide. I know for me, I am literally clinging to the last fragments of ‘this’ and the ‘chicken’ in me is putting up a fight, every habit, dark though, indifference and careless action is sitting on the surface of my skin, begging to be imprinted again so that I may put my head down in the sand. I may play and enjoy the subtleties of intentional ignorance, only to know the wave will come stronger to wash away my misadventure.

Just allow it all in, it is all okay, turn away from the 'mess' into the internal mass that exist within you. There is a little something in everyone begging for collective nature and as the construct is stripped away, those aligned will carry those who are willing to be taken…just don’t lose grip.

Love and other things xo


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