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Been MIA; Discovery.

It has been a while since I have put any of my writing up on my page. I don’t know whether it’s because there is so much going on, or nothing at all. I took a little hiatus from the constant ‘alert’ tingle of my technology and you could say I went MIA.

In saying this, I didn’t disregard my practice or my awarenesses. I allowed myself the space to go a little deeper and found that I was filling myself up with the surface distraction to suffocate the things I really needed to deal with.

All these thoughts, habits and things that weren’t serving me that I thought I had released had parts laying dormant, waiting for an opportunity to seep back through the momentary cracks of ignorance. Before I left I was more worried about what you wanted to read- or what I thought the idea of ‘me’ should look like, act like, sound like.

It’s all a brand you know, your identity, though when you dive into the depths of the universe and learn your identity, though unique, is unified with everything; it can be confusing.

People hire brand management and creative staff these days, the most prominent of social media presence generally has a team behind the person. Building an image, a language, a lifestyle and creating a future, but as we roll forward into a more integrated future of these technological channels- where is the authentic curator?

Where in your life are you holding onto the energy of some ideal that has sneaked into your subconscious and is playing games. It’s so funny when you become aware of the nuances that you didn’t even know weren’t yours to begin with. Why do you drink celery juice religiously if you hate it? Why do you hold back from speaking your truth because some guru or your mother told you to play nice?

What is it you are or I am? Why do I strive for a life of being a influence in this life? When in truth, I love the four walls I have built around me and the simplicity of understanding runs like a flowing river. What is it I’m trying to achieve by sharing my words, only for you to hopefully accept them and too accept me. Why do you do anything in the first place?

Stepping back from a connection through technology and reaching for a connection with me, I nearly felt lazy. I become aware of myself and how I have let the boundaries lapse and the outside world dictate me. What is it that I am running from? What is it you are running from? Why are we not standing still to listen to the gift of a moment, that within it holds the answer to the next stage of our evolution and creation.

Put your devices down and become your own device. Because as the saying goes ‘left to my own devices’ it so much more than a catalyst for awareness, it’s when you become your most ugly, real, beautiful, authentic and present being. Even for a second, hold yourself like a newborn and breathe some new life.

Love and other things x


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