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Checking In

Just checking in on yourself, how you feel and how you breathe can be overlooked frequently on a daily basis, but these check in moments can help you navigate your day.

The energy continues to increase as we bear witness to the unfolding of more action, information downloads, inaction(s) and view the snowball that was released from the top of the mountain, so small and fragile, now rolling at an incredible pace and it is much, much bigger.

Be aware that words, thoughts, headlines and stories carry energy, words have power and they have been performing actions in your brain since the moment you entered this reality. With all these words flying around its impossible not avoid the affects of the energy attaching to you. The worlds energy, the peoples anxiety is prominent and those sensitive to energy and the Empaths are feeling the pressure and are called to ground and perform as a conduit in this time.

Take time to settle yourself, be aware of your heart rate, your breathing and ask whether or not the anxiety is yours or someone/thing else(s). Get your feet on the earth, let the energy move through you as it leaves behind a beautiful residue that can be seen by those who care to see.

Check in, breathe and let yourself go.

Love and other things xo


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