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Detoxify and Delegate

There is always a new diet, training fad, trend that is taking over the health and fitness industry! We have seen the emergence of some of the craziest challenges and weird uses of cabbage (cabbage soup diet ahhhh!) and other ingredient concoctions. Anything to get fast results, aid our bodies in what you may believe is a health kick and to feel better.

Well, detoxification, purification begins with the mind. The initiative to make that first step towards a different lifestyle, to engage in practises to detoxify your body mind and soul, begins with the mind and energy first. A fad diet can be dangerous with the wrong intentions placed at it's core, the ego and the mind are beautifully tricky components to ones self that if not just known, but progressively understood, can take you down a rabbit hole into places that you find yourself trapped without knowledge. It's is today that Green Tara is swaying around. The support that this energy offers, to aid us in endeavours, to ask for help from this energy and to be encouraged to ask and delegate help from others. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well you are forever a child, learning and growing in this expansive world so honour that the right people are available to support YOU! Until the end of February, in this beautiful current full moon state, offer up all that needs to be cleanse, your fears, your hurts, even the positive intentions that have become a little foggy. Treat your whole self like an insect to a bright light, gravitate towards to goodness and fight for it, pursue it, seek it and enjoy its every burning moment. If today seemed a little like a riddle, that's ok, one sentence to sum this all up. Ask others, energetically and in your reality for help, stop trying to do everything by yourself and cling tightly to the idea that its a battle. Open your heart for cleaning and detoxification of ones self by creating space by having help. We are all here to grow and be supported in this growth. 2 are stronger than 1.


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