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Did We Choose This?

What is it going to take? For you to truly dive into the depths of who and what you are, to bring forward the roots that have planted you so far in the past? Why do you punish yourself for the things that were said or heard before you own time? Is our ancestry DNA that potent within our skins that the harshness of their past creates our future? If we do not recognize our awareness as our friend- though it may trigger resistance and fear, we may as well as follow the pattern in the road that has been ingrained for us.

There is a lot of energy around fear at the moment- because of the ‘weary silence’ of energy currently exposed. Waiting for this energy to drop back in but it won’t because it isn’t dropping, its elevating.

Do you trust yourself? Truly trust yourself to have your own back or have you over committed, under slept and pushed yourself to a limit where your subconscious does not feel you are able to ‘steer this ship’. The shadows of ourselves are growing clever, the doubtful mind a clever trickster, nestling into corners where the eggs may hatch without warning, leaving nothing sunny side up just scrambled.

What is it you came for? Who do you want to be? The constant itch of so many to scratch, in a world where there is so much option. The eco disasters occurring, waking up the people but the tools in order to move forward were never brought out from the shed. The energy of this event bringing anxiety to those sensitive- again contributing to the fear in the silence and curiosity of what is next.

Where is this button of ejection that comes with the antidote for guilt or shame? Is the feeling to escape or the desire to shed a skin to begin again?

Why do we do it and what is it?

Love and other things. xo


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