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Emotional Exercise

Welcoming a state of still, softness and calm is something so far on the opposite end of my acceptance scale, that when it appears I tend to freak out and shut the doors and put the ‘closed’ sign up and dim the lights. When I arrived I had prepped my mind for a fast paced, no time in between to breathe and what I have found after nearly not surviving the first few days of overwhelm, that there is something so much more to this adventure than a sprint. I have gone within- pushed to question the ideas that held so tightly in my grip, the beliefs in which I had first thought- only to repeat them enough to make them truth; but what is truth?As I sit here in silence I truly wonder what I was made for. I know what I can do, but what was I made for, how does my body respond to the thoughts of my intentions and where does that play out in my life.

It can send you on a flashback film in your mind where you start calculating all the aspects of your life, adding them up, trying to make logical sense of them and present a report- highlighting the best strategic route for either the perceived success you see on paper or if you go a little further, the magic that is written in between the lines. I am not lazy- physically. I have a hard time sitting still and not mobilizing at the thought of becoming a couch potato or not achieving something in a day to day task. Physically not lazy but emotionally I am as lazy as a fat cat in the sun that won’t even meow for attention. Choosing your emotional activity should be as valued as your physical activity and we here this so often! I am not speaking about entire ‘mental’ activity, I am specifically honing in on emotions. When was the last time you chose to relinquish a physical aspect or habit – to allow an emotional wave to be recognized? This is not a new concept to me but to now UNDERSTAND this concept I allow myself to drink in the essence of emotional choice, silent choice, the ability to be quiet, alone. Going further by setting the intention on letting thoughts arise so I can act them out in their purest form, to move forward without overwhelm. Maybe that’s part of what I am here to learn? That rest, silence, the halting of the physical self will allow for my emotional exercise to take the reigns and flow into existence. So, the next time you feel like you are being physically lazy- ask yourself; Am I allowing the space for emotional exercise?’ This has flipped the penny on this topic for me, hope it inspires something within you also… Love and other things….p.s Subscribe to the blog feed!

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