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Energies In April; Oh Lord...

Because we all thought that #mercuryretrogade was done, but the energy is not over.

Take a deep breath! It has been a wave of intense energy the past few weeks. It has been calling on all the parts of you that you thought you had shoved down far enough inside you that you'd atleast have 15-20 more years before they reared their heads.

Whilst mercury exited the retrograde fun- for the month of April we are going to experience Jupiter- right about now actually, Pluto and Saturn (a little later in the month) but they all do a nice little retrograde dance which ultimately will influence what's going on!

Diving into the awareness it's is a time where you have the opportunity to take your power back, challenge the authority that you have established as 'yours'. Especially with our Pluto influence, what are we letting control our systems and is it time that we evolve 'us'. This could be anything from political, community, emotional, relationships, career wise and it's when all this is occurring that you have the ability to choose new, or to choose you!

Taking back your power so you can take responsibility for you life, yeah it's a biggy, but if not now when? Do you not think it is funny that when you need to make a decision, you kind of already know the answer but you are quick to out source information and then pile a list of pro's and con's that ideally screw with the first instinctual thing that came to you? Trust yourself, your awareness- trust yourself in the process of taking your power back, even if it is just in little things.

So with a very interesting April ahead of us- take sometime to ask yourself;

Where in my life am I giving my power away?

What decision am I putting off making? Do I already know the answer?

Where am I not trusting myself?

Write it out, active journaling helps, yes sometimes it can be the last thing you want to do, but sometimes if you get it out of your head you free up space for more 'things'.

Love and other things xox



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