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Energy Update

Its been a while since I’ve spewed some words onto a page that uploads into cyber space. The world has kept spinning, time has kept ticking and I have found myself in amongst some lessons of patience, love and unconditional kindness.

As always the energy is increasing, the intensity of the energy will always be ‘levelling up’. There are moments where we are guided to surge out energy forward, to utilise the power of this time to elevate ourselves, our practices and who we are but I myself would be lying if I said I was all mindful and grounded in my spirit at the moment.

Look at it this way, its like being placed in an itchy potato sack, which you are struggling to find your way out of, throwing yourself about when if only you’d settle, breathe and be still, the light would find you and exit (or you might like being inside). The itchy potato sack is the distraction- the struggle which keeps the mind ticking away and the stillness is the teacher, though we fight it way to often.

Today there is a lot of influence in the planetary positions with Capricorn. Again making it’s point in our action, reason, justice, political, social, economical sectors, then adding Pluto in Capricorn- well you might as well as just agree here, secrets are being revealed and some serious changes are coming. Are we going to experience the break down of society? Is there going to be a division of two worlds? The roll out of 5G, the technological framework of our future becoming a guaranteed existence, how do we accept and integrate the possibilities of this instead of allowing it to control and lead humanity to its demise?

If you are feeling like a washing machine of energy on a intense cycle, moving into the dry and spin phase, I don’t blame you. It’s all happening with some beautiful numerology influence within the current dates and the impending new moon, are you truly ready to elevate above your current cycle? Yes the cycle that you feel you break free from, but haven’t and are finding the same or similar karmic lesson each time round, that one? How do you do it, how do we do it? We must learn acceptance and within the teachings of acceptance, the medicine, the anti-dote washes over the cycle and reduces it to what it was before it had power, energy.

This new moon and phase is a forgiveness of self, shedding the secrets and shame. As you begin to accept your darkness, the world can reveal and accept it’s own. We have all been bad people at some stage, but it isn’t who we are but then again what are we?

Love and other things,



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