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Full Moon in Pisces 2/9

Now it a time to reflect and go deep. Deep into your mind, listen to the sensations in your body with more intent and pay attention to the emotions that swirl within you.

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With Neptune gracing Pisces its home, it is a potent time for dreams and psychic receptivity with the shadow being illusion. Coming into conjunction with the Moon, this can bring forward the relationship with our emotions and evoke something to address. Pay attention to your emotions closely, as they may be revealing to you the subtleties you have been too busy to acknowledge, as we are invited to slow down and go with the flow- potentially embracing an impending change.

This is also amplified as the full moon is the Sun and Moon opposition, but the falling in the true opposites signs of Virgo and Pisces- the challenge of emotional and rooted needs. The desire for certainty and routine whilst a change is required to evolve and grow. This is not as intense though, as the trine formed with Uranus in Taurus softens this aspect as it supports the acknowledgement of realms beyond this world whilst honouring the grounding work to be done here. .

This month, alike spring, will be one of rebirth, new life and transformation. Check in with your current reality, have your beliefs and values shifted in the winters months of Venus’s retrograde and now your purpose needs re-alignment? Is it time to slow down for the moment to honour yourself, in acceptance and allow the emotional tides of the Piscean influence to wash over you, interfacing with knowledge that has been present long before your time? Before Saturn goes direct on the 25th go softly with yourself in this space- it is the culmination of the past 6 months of your life coming to the surface with a wise, open minded lens to appreciate the wonder that is you.

Love and other things xoxo.


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