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Full Moon: In Sagittarius

Did you see the big beautiful pinkish Full Moon gracing the sky around 4:30am this morning? The photo below was taken from my balcony at 4:49am!

It was a sight to see, the first full moon for winter has definitely set the bar high for the rest to come as it shared a glow like no other. This full moon is in Sagittarius, what that means for you?

This is a great opportunity to bring a close to those things that aren’t serving you any more. The idea of cutting the cord, disconnecting, removing yourself from those things that have been weighing you down. This full moon will come to support this action and also draw the energy of the courage and determination to move forward, forge into new territory with a desire for the unknown instead of begging for certainty.

There is an essence of adventure and movement in this full moon. This can be a change of job, change of living location or even just the rearranging of furniture. By doing this in this full moon space you are physicalizing the intention of change in your tangible world, so that your environment can support you. Travel plans are a great option to plan in this wave, this will help fuel the fire of adventure spirit.

Not knowing the next step is where the magic can form; a fresh perspective in this full moon energy will be supported as there is a wave of energy evoking a more positive mindset. The ability to see all sides of the situation, to look a life with a joyful perspective and remember that even in the darkness of times, it will get better.

Take some time to sit with an intention in the full force of this beautiful time. Put your crystals out and bask them in the glow; who doesn’t like a fully charge power house.

Honour yourself tonight, connect with the energy and listen to the silence where magic resides.

Love and other things.



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