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Full Moon in Scorpio: May 2020

Leave your guard down by your clothes...

The last Super Moon is here for 2020, the Full Moon in Scorpio will be gracing our skies over the next few days, with its illumination on May 7th. I don’t know about you but when I speak about 'Scorpio' I get the chills. Scorpio is a deep, emotional, intense sign and it’s no wonder all of us can be feeling a little vulnerable at this time, Scorpio doesn’t like to be in the light, with secrecy and privacy a large part of its demeanour, but the Full Moon casting in into full light- there’s no escape.

This Full Moon is going to take you deep into your desires, your darkness and shadows but also bring light to the places you have been avoiding or never thought to go before. Scorpio being the sign of transformation offers a time to look back on the intentions you set in the New Moon phase and view on how they have transformed to this date and moving forward.

With this influence, power, sex, money and all things in the 8th house ruled by Scorpio- joint finances, birth, deaths, inheritance, the occult, taboo, psychic and emotional depths are all circling and like everything there is always two sides. Have you got some debt outstanding, or someone owes you? Is it time to clean up the loose ends regarding finances involving others or revisit plans to pay of debts as there may be other options or new rates available to you.

Scorpio brings on the control wave, but instead of losing control, choose a focal point and funnel your energy here. This could be the beginning of a project or moving forward on something you have been working on? Let the control and power energy pursue the chosen project and not your life (or people in it) as we can become a little frazzled trying to control circumstances outside of ourselves at the moment (cough *cov-id*).

TRANSFORMATION, what needs to die in order to be reborn? What is not working that needs to be reassessed in order to find a new way to move forward? This energy is supported at this time. 8th house influences of birth, death, transformation along with a Full Moon in Scorpio is pretty much shining the light on EVERYTHING inside of you, giving you the opportunity to FEEL yourself and choose what is best for you, in this moment.

Lastly, sex, intimacy and all that fun stuff is about to explode. Scorpio Full Moon energy can assist in beginning and endings influencing pregnancies, marriages, divorces, sex dreams and a full-on sexual prowess that is hard to switch off. For those in relationships, it is a great time for bedroom communication…without words haha, a new level of stimulation both psychologically and physically is on the cards here! For those not attached, sometimes the relationship with ourselves is where our attention is required (and who is to say we don’t do it better ourselves anyway 😉). Lap it up, feel into your body, your sacral chakra is basically having a huge energy surge at this time so allow it to release the past, ancestral holds and express freely from this place.

This is the time where mediocre conversations, sweeping things under the rug or pointless action will not feel good or aligned with who you are. This is a time for a deep connection, to discover and grow your power, refocus your control, re-purpose parts of yourself for transformation and cultivation and feel your sacred sexual self.

You have so many layers, so it’s time to leave your guard down by your clothes and transform in this Full Moon glory…


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