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Full Moon in Taurus - October 2020

Taurus Full Moon is the second full moon for the month, this is called a blue moon and it is actually quite a rare occasion! In addition- it is also full on Halloween, so if you want to experience some ‘amped’ up energy- this weekend is the one to do it.

Taurus energies love life and its simplicities and pleasurable indulgences whilst the opposition of Sun in Scorpio is all about the transformational, deep, intense side of life. Blending these two together you will find the essence of this full moon experience, A beautiful MESSY space.

Like any full moon it is the ritual of release, a cleansing of energy and space and recognition and gratitude for the seeds you may reap from the intentions that were set in April’s New Moon in Taurus. You may give thanks or find that you are still progressing on your way to the destination, or you possibly may need to course correct as what you have learnt over the last few months has changed the desire within you.

Whatever you are feeling most stubborn about, a habit that you have struggled with or even secrets that carry a little toxic mess in your energy- this is the time to give them a good heaving up to the skies. All magic will be on ‘turbo’ this weekend, so really use the time to connect with the Earth, the skies and your inner being. This is a time to go priority over possessions, what means the most to you!


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