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Full Moon In Virgo: Feb 2021

Take a look around you and inside you, it's time to clean our those cupboards, those draw, your thoughts and get rid of what ever is living rent free in your head.

It has been a hot minute since I last posted, for that- as you have probably all experienced, our worlds can get pretty busy at times, cluttered if you will; but this full moon is in support of stripping it back.

The world is still navigating the unknown, each day we read new headlines in the media, hear new stories from groups we follow and it becomes so hard to discern what is real and what is not. It is all about coming back to your own understanding and centre- discern for yourself what's right- but this can be a little hard if you are swept up in the tornado cloud of life with a desperate need to put your feet on the ground.

Virgo Full Moon inspires a practical organised approach to our lives- whilst Pisces season is influencing a balanced essence to the approach. So go forth and clean out the wardrobe- tidy or change the places in your home that feel they need to be free from chaos or 'change' to suit your transition, then run yourself a bath, or nourish your mind with a ritual of your choice (for some maybe a glass of wine, or hot cacao) and allow your mind to de-fuzz, to rest and to dream.

This Full Moon carries a strong support system for connecting to the divine and your higher self, that voice in your head that you query whether your insane or need sleep. As the world continues to change, so do you and it's a ongoing journey of discover of who you are and will be.

Until next time.



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