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Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse

Welcome to the jungle...

This year has been one of the most intense years I've ever experienced- and we are only half way through. We have had retrograde after retrograde, history making conjunctions and now we are about to embark on a very powerful eclipse journey.

The easiest way I learnt about the energy of eclipses was it intensifies and (potentially) prolongs the energies, experience and process of that time. It take the new moon or full moon energy and goes all Dragon Ball Z on it. They are radical, intense, potentially pivotal and very powerful moments in our existence that offer opportunities seen and unseen.

This Lunar eclipse occurs June 6th (for me, but depending on where you are this can change), in the early hours of the morning we will have an eclipse at 16 degrees Sagittarius – with the Sun opposing Gemini. The Sun is conjunct Venus whom I might add is still retrograde until the 25th, so we are still in process of reviewing our values, beliefs and all things that are personal to us (and trying hard to not give ourselves bad haircuts).

What this eclipse brings? This is all about identifying what is true for you, what you believe in and what beliefs and values don’t’ align with your forward vision anymore. The Gemini mind is one of linear and logic but as Sag comes in and bolsters that out we are being asked to go beyond logic, practical thinking, to go outside what we have been told and open mind (and our eyes) to something new. As this eclipse is in new territory, we are gaining access to energies that lay dormant in our world and within our bodies. We are learning we came to this existence with all that we need, it is just the process of awakening it. Mars is swimming through Pisces at the moment which is the detachment of ego, but also squaring this whole process. This alludes to that CLARITY IS STILL YET TO COME. We are in the process, there is no fast forwards or short cuts, this experience is to help you DISCOVER YOU outside of what you have been told to be.

There is so much SH** going on in the world. We are seeing people rise up and unite together in ways like never before and we are also seeing orchestrated devastation, the wolves in sheep' clothing, the worldwide news seducing our eyes with headlines and manipulative stories. We have had our emotions rummaged as new events pull on the strings that create anger, are we being placed in an environment where these things happen to trigger a response? A controlled system that continues to engage us by using our own humanity against us?

What do you believe in? What is real for you? I ask you to empower yourself knowing that you can only decide what is true for you. How will you contribute to this evolving world? How will you respond to Earth asking to be loved?

As illusions starts to fall apart, do not believe that it is game over. As we get smarter, evolve, adapt; so do they.

Use this eclipse to shift old stuff from you, use the review periods of the retrogrades and make room for the new wave coming. Get out of your own way, open your mind to new ideas, listen with a little more intention. There is a pattern in everything and when you’ve finished with consumption to step back and take a look at the big picture- you’ll discover you’re in a gallery of them, you just have to choose where you want to stand.

Love and other things xo


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