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Full Moon- MARCH

What this full moon means, included with the equinox and retrograde influence, hold on to your horses!

Well we are at that special time in the energetic, astrological/-nomical plane! It is time for a Full Moon in Libra and the March Equinox; for those in the northern hemisphere, going into spring equinox and for those in southern hemisphere going into Autumn Equinox (not to mention we are also still in Mercury Rx).

So, a little run down on the equinox jam *cue space jam theme song*;

Spring Equinox: It’s where things start to get lighter, bringing in that light energy into the inner work that you have been doing and letting in shine. It’s about coming out of the darkness (of winter) and blooming like the nature

that surrounds you. (I could go on forever so if you are a spring chicken, message me and I’ll send you out a info email.)

BOTH AREAS: Easter is happening, which is rebirth, fertility, renewals and then blessing of the life.

Autumn Equinox: This is where we are moving into our darkness. As the seasons change so do we and now we can look at looking inward and go into our depths. Diving into ourselves and doing the inner work so that when it comes our turn for spring Equinox, we have sewn the seeds that bloom in the areas we truly desire for succession and ascension. (Same thing, if you want more info, press the contact tab and flick me an email and I'll respond.

The Equinox of the sun and moon is in ARIES, setting the tone for the year with ADVENTURE, COURAGE and the REBIRTHING of the Mother herself (nature).

Full Moon in Libra

Then when you didn’t think this energy that is surrounding us could get anymore intense, we have a full moon.

Well, I give you some relief, in Libra, the moon offers an opportunity to gain some balance within your life. Well, actually, it demands for the balance to be of focus in your life. It will call forward your good and bad parts and ask you to love them both, even expose them both to people in your presence without fear of judgement.

Libra = Venus which also emphases love and romance, so an extra opportunity to engage in some romance whether it is with a partner, friend or writing a letter to your future partner, soul mate and setting the intention for companionship; IN SAYING THIS, ROMANCE YOURSELF PEOPLE, spend some time balancing your ying and yang, it is the perfect time to do so.

Ok now that stuff is over, here is where you may feel a little heavier. I could go through the cardinal blah la blah, but let me give it to you straight, if you are trying something at the moment and the wheels aren’t turning or it is a bit rocky, STOP, step back and re-evaluate.

There is a different way at looking at these situations that might seem sticky and this full moon offers the looking glass into this characteristic. This is not a ‘give up’ speech, this is a ‘there is a different way to do this’ speech.

If you are experiencing any problems, conflicts, conversations you are avoiding having, whether it be in work places or home life, they are now requiring your attention. Libra has a great ability to weigh facts, pros, and cons and come with the best possible solution- so with this added energy, why not just take some courage offers by our Aries influenced equinox cross over and deal with it.

ANNNDDdddd (< really bad grammar use, but hey I get excited!), we are also experience Mercury in retrograde- so if you read my previous post, you know we already have a HELL of a lot of fun happening + full moon + equinox = if you want to scream and break a plate, just do it, you'll feel better.

So a wrap up; Full Moon energy is intense, it is demanding that look into your darkness and light, love both sides. To look outside the box, use the Libran influence and deliver an outcome that you haven’t thought of yet. Love and romance has some open windows here, whether it be in relationships or with self, tend to thy lover people, actions speak! Charge a rose quartz with the energy of the full moon; more love to go round! Deal with the balance in your life, put things into balance, even fields and find middle ground and step forward on the path that is aware of both sides to the story!

Until next time…


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