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Heal Yourself

Each day is a new energetic wave, that is continuously evolving. Today I am reminded that we are channels for divine healing power, that instead of looking outside of ourselves to heal, we can go within or to nature to find the remedies for the sickness, or to ease a troubled mind.

Hundreds of years ago access to antibiotics and pain killers of the ability they are today did not exist. In even earlier times, healing medicines were based in plants and concoctions of ingredients gifted from the earth. Now, they have turned into chemicals, our phones and social media a distraction for our minds and the ongoing venture into isolation of self.

I ask you today to listen to your body and mind and uncover what is going on with you that isn’t at least at a satisfaction level of 80%. The desire to heal a situation, ailment, doubt, belief or something you can for see..

I have attached quite an extensive list; so before you reach for the shelf, get back to basics. It all had to start somewhere…


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