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Hello 2020

The beginning of a new decade and astrological era, here we go deeper than ever before.

2019 is coming to an end, so what is to come? As the year begins to wind down, the memes and quote posts wind up. There is a essence of shedding skin, cutting ties and leaving what is not serving you in this 2019 energy and moving into the 2020 space.

In these holiday weeks, I truly turn my brain off. I probably do some silly things, behave like a child, forget I own a phone (and a business) and just float on the waves and be inside my own head (which can be dangerous). Sometimes I can find myself manic in these periods as it’s when I spend the most time with myself, with no agenda, only to exist.

Some may complete goal boards (highly recommend), visual diaries, paint (YES!), drink wine, catch up with friends, share stories of now memories and accalades for the 2019 year. Whatever you do, do it well and expose all the ups and down of this year and let them roll off your tongue into the air and out of your system.

2020 is not only a new decade but it’s the beginning of a new energetic era. I find myself resisting the shift as I try to control my environment and avoid the change, but as I have learnt so many times before, when you surrender magic happens.

In terms of astrological events- 2020 is full to the brim. Mars enters Sagittarius at the beginning of the year giving fight and fire to the passion of the trivial bulls*** of our governing powers. We are seeing a rise in what you could call ‘rebellion’ but I like to view it more as an awakening, a realization of how we have been fooled. Jupiter and Saturn find themselves coming into unity over air signs frequently- and gaining influence from Pluto- which again is the shake up of the governing bodies, the breakdown of societal structures.

One of the most common traditions is setting intentions for the new year. New years resolutions are shared, spoken and written, whether you believe in being a conduit of energy or not, everyone appears to have some agenda into the new year- even if it is to have ‘no agenda’.

The planetary dance of January to March is in support of all the intention setting energy and with Capricorns influence, the essential nature of your purpose will require your attention and allow for the shedding of what is not needed and the cultivation of the tangible items required in this reality to achieve them.

The year of putting yourself first is here, whilst not being an a**hole about it. Radical choices, that have risks to be pondered will be evident but at the end of the day ‘without risk there is no reward’. This may be reflected in a lifestyle change, house move, state and country move. This is a year of planning- that will eventuate into action. A lot of karmic cycles will close at the end of 2019 so that you may feel into a new space and

opportunity to expand.

There is also an energy of uncertainty. As we are exposed to so much propaganda, we are finding ourselves in a state of chaos and not sure where to look. This is the purpose of the chaos, to take our focus away from ourselves and to fixate on the issues that are bouncing around our environment. Pick your battles wisely, support the causes that call you and take action in your own world before you expand into another. Trusting your intuition is the skill that requires cultivation- so play with it. If you have to use it to find a new route on your way to a friends or to work for fun- to learn- to play do so, or guess what the next oncoming car in traffic will appear to be.

It has been said for 100’s of years ‘it’s time to level up, to learn these skills’ and this statement will forever be relevant because we have not gone in circles- we are climbing a never ending staircase into a time that has never been before as so the energy of ‘us’ is present always in the evolutionary way.

So here we are at the end of 2019 and as I look back with gratitude, I also realized that I achieved only part of what I intended, but I created so much more that I wasn’t expecting. To be honest, no body is really watching or holding you accountable for what you do, how to stuff up or how you achieve (unless you let them), so have some fun, set yourself some goals, turn on your power and realize that you are SO much more than just one person, being, humaney/spirity thing.

We are entering into a new era where everyones energy can be utilized to lift the current state of our planet, our societal systems and governing powers. We, as the crowd, are so powerful when we unite and find our footing to stand for what we believe in. There was such a divide when Greta stood up for our Environment, so many loved her and so many disregarded and insulted her, just because she beat them all to the punch and finally called us out.

BE HUMAN, BE SPIRIT, LOVE HARD, PLAY LIKE YOU DID WHEN YOU WERE 5, TAKE RISKS, FALL ON YOUR FACE, HAVE FUN, LAUGH A LOT, CRY, ENJOY AND DREAM. Get curious about what isn’t being shown, get curious about traditions and history and start unveiling your own truth so you can walk forward in this life.

Love and other things.



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