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Identify, Improve, Implement

This New Moon has a very special element to it. It's in Virgo and is a super moon, nestling itself in the closest position to Earth for 2019.

This is a beautiful time to look at everything you are doing in your life (I mean everything) and giving it the whole 'does this serve me into the future?'. What are you doing today that is giving you a better tomorrow? Are there ideas that have been bouncing around your mind that you are giving you the nudge to implement? It is the time to allow the conversations with your inner self, guides and nature to propel the ideas into manifestations.

Are your relationships in need of a little focus? The process of identifying need for improvement and implementing this improvement will be so powerful with this new moon energy!

Virgo is also going to shine a light on our health, wellbeing and also usher us towards what type of foot print we are placing on the earth. Again, aligning will a 'will this serve me today and in my future' framework.

A new moon is a beautiful symbol of new beginnings, plant those seeds of thought, start to dance with the thoughts that may just bring forward your next step or change of path! Not to mention the new TOOL album was released today, a very distinctive date to release some epically deep, visionary tunes and asks you to dive into a deeper analysis of their creation (If you are a fan, if not that's cool too).

See where this energy takes you. IDENTIFY, IMPROVE and IMPLEMENT then review. Shed the skin of what does elevate with you...

Love and other things xo


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