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Is fear sitting on your lounge?

Into a new day, rich with opportunity but bombarded with media and information. This morning, the virus continues to feature on our news feeds, in our conversations and fuels societies motivations for stock piling and apocalyptic behaviour. There are many different ‘modes’ of people, the prepared, the frantic, the calm, the ignorant, the rebellious and the flow; with all these different energies around, I urge you to check in with the most important person, YOU.

Australia produces enough food to keep hunger from being an addition to the list of features in this current ‘crisis’, whether you see the 'crisis' as the 'virus' or the display of 'human behaviour', it is still affecting individuals and communities everywhere. As shelves are emptied and cupboards are filled, have you been reasonable in your purchases or has fear pushed in the door, encouraged a haul like no other and made itself comfortable, promising to protect you from the community outside that yearns for healing?

Take it as you wish, but this provides opportunity for insight. The cogs that have been turning need oil, the wheels are slowing their spin and as this occurs we are peeling ourselves from the walls of the vortex where the tornado had us pinned (you know, the ride at the carnival or local shows where 90% of the time I wanted to throw up!). As we peel ourselves from the walls and are potentially bound to our own environments the inner self speaks up and this can get uncomfortable for people who has distanced themselves from who they are for so long. The egoic mind sets in and battles for the front row seat, as the shopping trolley on and offline with more of what it demands in order to feel 'safe'. As humans, we thrive on safety and certainty- all of these things are being manipulated in the media landscape. It is OKAY to be proactive and purchase some of the essentials, I myself have shopped a little extra, to prepare for a closing off period, but I have done so with an openness to share, to serve and to learn and without competition for my neighbour.

When the shopping and stocking is complete, do you feel satisfied? Are you at ease? Do you feel accomplished or safer in the current context? Or am I right in saying the fear is still there, sitting on your lounge eating your quarantine snacks and drinking all your wine?

The truth is the feeling is you, the panic and perception is yours. There is a threat, just like any other illness and how you choose to manage it is your prerogative. What the energy of this time is doing, is pursuing a healing opportunity, the phrase ‘sometimes you don’t know what’s good for you’ comes to mind.

Check in with yourself and lay out the facts. Look to your community and how rich in resources, knowledge and beauty we are. We have ACCESS to all that is required to survive. Just because you might not be able to get on a plane to Costa Rica right now isn’t the point. The healing starts with you, flows to your family, through your community and right into the roots of this very Earth.

As a very wise man once said,

‘Check yo-self before you wreck yo-self’… 😉

Feed the heart, not the mind. Community is yearning for us all to lead in this time. Make your own decision based on what you feel, not on what your 'told' to feel.

Love and other things



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