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Jupiter Retrograde: May 2020

Just another retrograde to add to the goody bag this May! Are you feeling it yet? The washing machine effect? As our heads are spinning and time continues to speed up, we are pushing through this may astrological event that lays all our cards out on the table for the viewing.

Jupiter, ah my good friend Jupiter! He is the expansive planet and is associated with growth, healing, luck, wealth, long distance and foreign travel (yay!), higher education, the law and faith/religion.

So when Jupiter goes retrograde, it is time to take the expansive action from outside yourself and take it inward. It is time to expand your inner-knowing, your inner relationship with yourself, opening up pathways to your innate knowledge, ancestral paths and develop what you believe as your own truth.

We have had Saturn chime in with shaking up and now reviewing our structures, our governing bodies, our rules and regulations and social order. Then Venus comes in and highlights our relationships reviewing all aspects of our lives, our values and wants, especially around connectivity and communication with the Gemini influence. Then Jupiter moseys on over and WHAM down to the bones of it (Capricorn influence) and suggests to revisit what we have, what we have forgotten (opportunities) and what we believe in.

The energy of this retrograde is the inward adventure into the depths of who you are in regard to spiritual growth and personal development. It is actually quite a positive experience as Jupiter allows us to revisit something that hasn’t quite yet finished incubating or that has another layer to drop into. By using this time to go deeper, we can come to a clearer understanding of what our part is in the collective and form a stronger relationship with ourselves as individuals.

Entering into Gemini season and taking into account all within the context of May, it’s about adapting to a rapidly evolving world- but YOU choosing how you do so.

Communication and connecting with your community and developing a relationship with who is around you, reviewing your relationships with all things and then choosing to look within, learn about yourself, your gifts, your previous opportunities that could still have a door open, what you believe in and who.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this is a transit where you can choose to believe in yourself, a second chance at opportunities or adventures missed and a new path for the taking.

Love and other things xo


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