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Last New Moon for 2019

So here we are, the last New Moon of 2019 and if you feel like 2019 has slapped you in the face, you are not alone. This final frontier is accompanied with A HUGE amount of cosmic energy going on and I mean huge.

The New Moon is an opportunity for a fresh start, so take the initiative to get one up on 2020 and set yourself up early, take your beginning steps towards a fresh 2020. In saying that, we have a Mars opposition to Uranus for this New Moon- which ‘can’ make people irrational, impulsive, rebellious and angry (HAHA PREACH!). This is a disruptive New Moon and I urge you to welcome it with open arms as its transformational qualities are the right mix to launch us into the intensity of the December cosmic energy and New Year 2020.

It’s time to let go of all the things that don’t serve you and if you have been on a development journey for a while, you may feel like you are always ‘letting go’ of things that don’t serve you and elevating yourself. This never changes, we are constantly evolving, changing, adapting to new life. There is always going to be conditions, beliefs and people that come and wash in like a wave to the sand of your life and some bring gifts of shells and pretty rocks and others bring a whole bunch of sh** that needs to go back to sea.

They key in this New Moon energy is to be open and flexible to what is presented to you. If you are stubborn and rigid in your beliefs, you will only add to your own internal fire of frustration and risk the potential break down of relationships when acting from a ‘hot headed’ space.

Let this time be the shake up, there is also opportunity within the new moon for learning, wisdom, higher learning and the setting and movement towards goals. The energy as much as there is a really ‘awesome’ heavy emotional influence, it’s an ending of a lot of karmic patterns, habits, power struggles- with the Pluto and Saturn opposition ending in January. Hold on, this time is as crazy as it is beautiful.


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