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Make Space For Yourself

Energy goes where it is best organised, thus if you create space for yourself, you allow for energy to flow and to elevate you, heal you and bring you new awareness's that you haven't received before.

There is a real essence of honouring the cycles and rhythms of your body, mind and soul; even more importantly as a whole. We experience spikes in our energy levels that affect our emotions and therefore out behaviour which plays out into our vibration and our interactions, creating and setting the tone of our day.

How many times a day do you feel overwhelmed, flustered in the actions occurring? Swept up in the busy moments, trying to catch a breath, when in truth all you have to do is stop for 5 seconds and take one big inhalation to the centre of your solar plexus to feel a moment of release. Sounds easy, but when you are in a state of chaos it is one of the hardest things to remember, a process so easy to achieve but hard to call on because your thinking mind has you rancid.

This is a time where you can change a pattern, the calling for a sacred space is whispering (or in my case shouting) to us. Establish a place or an object, that you can go to or carry. This 'space' must be practiced to trigger a response from you of momentary ease, to breathe, connect and in the space you will begin to create to honour YOU. We are drowning in so many processes, books, aids, guidance systems that we are continuing to think about 'what should I do?' or 'is this right?' or 'is this expected?', nothing is the same for 2 people, similar, but not the same.

Set up a space, for some it may even be the car, away from kids, distractions, or it may be a crystal or necklace that you grip when you know you are about to go full SuperSaiyen Go Ku Rage.

So wrap your arms around yourself (even if you feel stupid) and acknowledge;'I get you, I understand you, I value you'.



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