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Mercury Retrograde: July 2019

It’s that time again when Mercury likes to go Retro and we all feel like we have got a bad version of Saturday night fever- that lasts 3 weeks.

I have a been a little quiet on the technological side of things. Putting your phone down and opting out of social platforms is nice to do every now and then- even BETTER when Mercury the planet that rules communication and the technological interference rains on your parade.

The beauty of Mercury in retrograde is that you can run with it and blame it for all the mishaps that occur within this period; which in hindsight you create because you go looking for them, or alternatively, you can throw your leg over the horse and ride it, learn from it, experience it in everything that it is.

It’s an opportunity to again go inward, press pause and double check your grounding. Where is your head at? Are you moving in the direction that you think you ‘truly’ are? Do you need to shift a little left or right? What beliefs are causing friction and where do your limitations appear?

The old saying goes- when Mercury going into Retrograde you place a RE emphasis on things to action. Rewind, re-evaluate, repeat, renew, rekindle, reunite, re-do, redeem and anything else you can RE, it’s REcommended.

The energy of Gaia and all the things that influence this existence are not slowing down. Momentum is your friend, if you know how to turn downstream and RIDE THE WAVE. This accompanied by a #FullMoon this week will only amplify the frequency and for those out there that feel 'the buzz', it's coming.

Breathe, RE-lax and just pay some extra attention to what you are doing in this time. There is a silver lining in every experience, I promise you.

Love and other things xo.


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