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Mercury Retrograde- March

After pondering on this topic for a little while and then having a friend ask me a question about it, I thought I’d jiffy up a survival post for those that are feeling either some slaps in the energetic face, or just feel like they are floating and can’t seem to put their feet on the ground OR EVERY decision feels like it is going to be permanent and affect your life FOREVER. We are in the tail end of this March’s retrograde- but why not explore a little.

For those going what the hell is retrograde? Well its when Mercury appears to move in the opposite direction; no, it doesn’t start doing the cha-cha, it appears as an optical illusion, though I prefer to believe the cha-cha statement.

So, if you think about Mercury and all its amazing points, a very communicative planet for example and then put it in retrograde; you pretty much put a negative connotation on that characteristic. Then you can go further into what sign it is in and so on, but retrograde time affects the GENERAL energy that is all around us anyway, just sometimes she (I know I tend to call her she) picks on certain groups or people a little more but it is just based on planetary positioning and so on.

Mercury Retrograde right now is in Pisces- sorry dudes. Misunderstandings, bad communication, technology mishaps, missed alarms these can seem like bad days but if I was your boss I’d totally let you ride the Mercury Retrograde train. This retrograde also dances with Neptune- so if you have some water issues Mr/Mrs Pisces, blame it on the ‘grade. Ideally, the key to survival in a retrograde is to double check things, RE-do RE-write RE-assess! Make sure you have dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s and take a little extra time, by giving yourself extra time and be aware that different things are going to happen depending on where ‘she’ is dancing!

I am also of the belief that it is the opportunity for growth and RE-flection and if you are open to the idea of ‘knowing’ when Mercury is going to do her thing you can maximise the energy retro dance off!

PISCES- Well, don’t spend it if you don’t have too, don’t’ sign it, double check it, read it, write it down. Take some time for you and look at the next phase of the year and position yourself where you would like to go. Be cautious around water this last week as it is definitely going to be some type of influence this retrograde; you’ll either drop your phone in it, or something else. You are on the home stretch though! Come on!

Aries- If you feel like you have a ‘mixed bag of lollies’ ideas in your head at the moment, wait until retrograde ceases to make any concrete decisions.

Taurus- Be thorough with work practices, don’t miss the small parts!

Gemini- Friends are a sensitive spot. Communicate completely and resolve conversations!Cancer- Remember what you have committed too, don’t double book either! You might encounter some work set backs- take them as opportunities to go at it again!

Leo- Same with you Leo, don’t double book or forget the commitment you made!

Virgo- Worry and stress- its not all you! Breathe and meditate! Libra- Relationship misunderstandings and communication break down may occur- buy a white board and stick it on the fridge!

Scorpio- You may feel irritated and rise to anger easily in this period. Emotions run high!

Sagittarius- Family issues will be fun (hint of sarcasm there).

Capricorn- Same with you Capricorns- who forgot to ring Grandma and invite her to dinner. Family communication and mishaps!

Aquarius- Don’t say the first thing that comes to your head- you will get in trouble. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!! TWICE!!!!

Just breathe and enjoy the magic of what this beautiful universe is! Isn’t it amazing how these things impact us all! We are all apart of something so much bigger than ourselves! Love and other things xo


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