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New do? Why hair changes mean business!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a rise in personal development chat and the emphasis on self awareness is rising around the world as #mindfulness enters the vocabulary of more and more people (hallelujah).

When we find ourselves doing the inner work, working through our shadows, habits, limitations, anxieties and every other overwhelming word to add to the cycle, we sometimes have a hard time explaining the change or shift in ‘who we are’ because the fact it it’s ‘inner’ work. When we wear a new dress someone may compliment it, but unless you are willing to expose yourself to acquaintances, it is rare that someone walking down the street is going to compliment you on your change of habit or evolution of self.

When a woman changes her hair, she is changing her crown. It is the physical expression that could symbolize a change in her; it’s the ideal of ‘out with the old in with the new’ and ‘something to suit the new me’ shift.

If she makes a drastic change like cutting her hair this could be her way of venturing into a new territory. I have read many articles about women cutting their hair after a break-up; if that’s what you want GO for it, but I look at the hair chop as a way of representing the inner change that has occurred or occurring.

Just FYI, not stating you need to chop your hair to prove self development, but as a woman I can’t deny the niggle I have had at changing something on the outside because there is something going on in the inside. Celebrate the small wins with yourself, let your journey express itself through your physical being! If you reach for a colour change or the chop, here’s to your evolution in this beautiful journey of life!

Love and other things xo


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