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New Moon: Can You Feel It?

This new moon in Sagittarius combined with a total solar eclipse and the close transiting proximity to the galactic centre is a very incredible opportunity for growth, gratitude and pure magic. This year has been an absolute rollercoaster and this new moon is the elevation of who we are at our core.

There has been a lot to shift over the past 6 months as we continue to work with new energy, new dynamics and a new way of existing in what some would like to call the ‘new world’. Look, if’s been a lot and it’s required you undivided attention. Some of the happiest experiences have occurred for some this year and for others, it has been quite the opposite. If there is one thing I can say is that no matter what happened this year, it was deeply transformative.

This new moon and solar eclipse is a burst of really bright energy. It is the acknowledgement of the work that has been done- or in this moment the new journey, new way you are about to embark on. The universe in this moment is set up for the divine prayer that you wish to set for the next 12 months. It is connected to the solar eclipse we had in June, so if you can connect the dots on what is manifesting in your life right now, it is one of those ‘ah-huh’ moments.

I may be just a little excited about this also, but coming this week, Saturn is going to shimmy on out of Capricorn- it’s only been a few years! So acknowledge the space that Saturn has occupied in your chart to understand what influence it has had for you in this time. As you may be coming to the end of a cycle and find some relief, only to realise- a new journey is beginning.

This is a really positive energetic time for the next few days, amplified with the golden thread if you are willing to look for it. Take some time to set your intentions for the next wave over the next 2 days. What are you really ready to give up, to level up and continue to walk this new path with new light?

Love and Other Things, xoxo


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