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New Moon in Gemini

...and I am not even mad about it.

New Moon is Gemini hits its peak for the east coast of Australia right around that 8pm pocket; it will be rather intense for 6-8 hours- so a gentle reminder to put your crystals out for charging and have a read of the influences that may be flying around.

Gemini is an air sign- a very communicative sign and multifaceted- we are in the presence of the twins. Gemini's ruling planet being Mercury, the influence with the mental self. Your anxiety and irritability may be through the roof right now as the flighty Gemini influence has you dipping your finger into everything that comes your way! This can be fun as you get to taste every dish but beware as the more more overwhelmed you get the more unreliable you may become.

This New Moon phase is quite a wave. There is a solar shit storm happening out there in the ether and you can not deny that earth is feeling the effects. Even with the impending roll out of the 5G Network (don't even get me started) the weather systems, eco-system and our personal behaviours are all evidence of something a little wild happening.

It is now the beginning of a new cycle and those who are Gemini souls could be a little excited as this energy of curiousity, multi tasking, dynamic, wind swept occurrences is second nature to them. Some may find the new energy is not just shadow call into the depths of the Gemini layers but more an opportunity to decipher the mental chatter and bring together the subconscious and conscious mind to work together in harmony.

For all signs- this phase is opening the communicative abilities in all of us. Have you all of a sudden felt the need to be more social? Assess your social settings and where you are spending your time? This will carry forward up until July 8th and provides extra energy for you to really asses whether what you are doing feeds your soul. Don't be afraid to try new things as the Gemini in this New Moon Phase can tip toe on the side of dangerous, so utilise this energy to be a little daring- just not stupid.

There is an extra flair as Venus enters Gemini as we come into June- the influence here is that social will take romantic flair, as you may find yourself attracted to a range of different things as the air sign influences a variety in your romanticism. Curiousity is HUGE this phase as you become more curious about what is and what isn't.

Take some time- 15 minutes if you can spare to just breathe and check in with yourself today/tonight. Use this energy to discover where you share you energy in your circles, family and with yourself. Look into how you speak to others and how you communicate with the energetic spiritual side of life (and if you need help with that, reach out!) AND most importantly- how you communicate with yourself!

For each sign in this New Moon Phase, if you would like to set yourself a new intention and rhythm to carry forward into such versatile energy, your insight and affirmation can be found below.

Aquarius: Learning to accept yourself. 'I will show myself love that will flow through to others.

Pisces: Get that weight off your chest, speak your truth. 'I will speak my truth and share my thoughts'.

Aries: Stop stressing and take a look at where you are, you are already here. 'I trust the path I am on is unfolding'.

Taurus: Why are you afraid of being who you want to be? "I am learning to accept who I am and other will too'

Gemini: Your intuition and magic is extremely heightened at this point, lean into it. 'I am a sovereign energetic being'.

Cancer: It is now time to take action of what you have been discussing or talking about. 'I am open and ready to take action'.

Leo: What drama are you playing into and creating to avoid living your truth? 'I am free to live my truth without deceit"

Virgo: Love thy neighbour even when they throw crap at you. You can't beat an idiot by being an idiot, stand tall. 'I am compassionate and can see the bigger picture'.

Libra: You are protected, so why do you keep balking at the next step? 'I am loved and I am supported'.

Scorpio: Just because it makes sense in your head doesn't mean it is right. What feels right to you? In your body? 'I will follow my emotional guidance and intuition into the next stage of my life'.

Sagittarius: Time to let go of the squabbles that seem to be happening all around you. You can't escape the drama you can only rise above it. 'I will honour myself and move past these obstacles'

Capricorn: Anxiety could be off the charts right now, so come back and be GOOD to yourself and others. Fill your cup and take some time to honour where you are in life and what you have. 'I am grateful for all experiences as I am growing everyday'.


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