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New Moon in Gemini: 2020

New Moon’s are the perfect time to plant your seeds of intention, to nurture them into the Full Moon exaltation where we can potentially reap what we’ve sown.

Welcome to Gemini Season! The New Moon for May (around 3am 23/5 AEST) is here and my oh my does it bring some buzz. The mystery of the Gemini Twins is swirling and the energy is bringing the flow of new ideas and a curious nature to match it.

We have had an interesting time with the retrogrades that happened in the first 2 weeks of May so it has been nice to slow down to some degree- which is a little contradictory of the Gemini’s flighty nature. Mercury and Venus are off out of bounds dancing away bringing some cool energy but are squared by Neptune which adds a bit of melancholy feel to their elements. The New Moon is also forming a trine with Saturn, which is giving the Gemini energy an element of responsibility and realistic idea generation and goal setting (who said Gemini's couldn't be serious?).

SO, WHAT THIS ALL MEANS! This New Moon will surface your curious and intellectual self but you may experience lack of clarity and/or confusion around the things you decide to research/read/dive into as we have a Neptune influence here- confusing us , potentially bringing on a little self doubt, creating illusions or paranoia (thanks Pisces). Taking into account the retrogrades influence you might find yourself really distorted about what is real and not, ground yourself and use this opportunity to sift through your own ‘noises’ and discern for yourself as we are starting to realise the theme to this WHOLE process is 'OWNING YOUR AUTHORITY'.

You also might feel a little confused with your appearance, unhappy with how you are dressing or a recent hair change or something along those lines. Watch how you allow yourself to be treated in this time, if you don’t feel good about yourself sometimes we accept less than we deserve, so check in and make sure you aren’t being a doormat. Big purchases could carry buyers remorse (or you could already be experiencing it) what is a need and what is a want for you right now?

Just on a side night as we watch Mars is in Pisces- this is another opportunity to take ACTION on your DREAMS. Dive deep in this New Moon, use the curious energy to listen for the ideas that come, you may resurface a gift of your own nature that could be transformed and re-birthed or is it time to listen to the voice in your head saying ‘it’s time’?

How are you going to use this New Moon energy? Leave a comment below! If you want some information on where this New Moon sits for you, DM me! I am happy to be of service!

Oils or incense to burn at this time : Lavender and Sandalwood

Concoctions to take : DM me.

Love and other things xoxo


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