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The energy, the human, the responsibilities, obligatory and the demanding.

Woah, hold up buttercup!

Energy is around us, inside us, it is us; so why don't you feel like an energised little bunny that can accomplish 10000 tasks at the same time?

Overwhelm is like standing at the end of a football field whilst the other team with their jerseys labelled 'work', 'social', 'bills', 'family', 'relationships', 'events', 'walk the dog', 'gym bit**', 'study', 'business', 'who are you?', 'choices'; ALL COME RUNNING AT YOU AT ONCE. The question is do you dodge and weave, face them head on, or curl up into a ball and let them have you?

When you take into consideration all the things you are doing on a human level, add them with an energetic self that is influenced by a range of different things, IT IS OK to feel like you are having a melt down, this is where you get the GOLD in identifying 'I NEED TO CHECK MYSELF, BEFORE I WRECK MYSELF'.

Here are some tools for dealing with the overwhelm when it hits and getting ahead of it!

1. Make a list of your daily tasks - this is a great way to take the task of 'remembering everything' from your brain and have it in tangible form. I recommend sometimes doing it the night before- that way your mind is a little less crowded when you jump into bed and count sheep. As your day progresses and you bite off those tasks, cross them off! The visual satisfaction from crossing off tasks you have set does wonders for the achievement chemical in your brain. If you don't complete all of them that's ok, but you have at least completed something, even if it is just making your bed.

2. Check what you are eating - sometimes the overwhelm train will have you eating sugary, quick and easy not so good for you foods, or you may not be eating at all. You are what you eat, your body operates at the level of nutrients you give it as well as kind words. Don't go on a crazy diet, just honour yourself and put the 4th Mars Bar and Coke down and realise it's not helping you.

3. Move your body - When you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and a panic sets in- do 10 star jumps or burpees. This is an immediate distraction and you will find yourself absent from the stress for a moment. Exercising regularly helps with stress and engaging in a practice such a YOGA does wonders for the body mind connection.

4. Meditate - I am asking for 5 minutes of slow breathing. Big breathes, slow and deep and if you feel like you can't focus, pick a word and say it on every exhale, for example; breathe in 2-3-4, exhale 'Dooonnnuuttttssss'; mantra's work magic- pick any word you like. Connect with yourself and recognise that you are so much more than your body and you are doing great!

5. Check in with right now- What can you change about the situation right now? If you can not control the external circumstance, the one thing you can control is the inner circumstance. Find a way to look at it from another angle and release the need to have everything in your control; because it's not.

Overwhelm is one of the biggest impacts on our lives. When we feel consumed we tend to crumble and lose the courage to continue to walk forward. Utilising some tools in order to asses where you are at and aid you on your way to finding freedom is the best way I know to get there.

Listen to your heart.



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