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Piscean Full Moon: September 2019

Welcome to Spring and our very first Full Moon of September occurring on Saturday the 14th. Once again, we are gifted the beauty of the feminine and masculine energy of the opposing Sun and Moon as we enter into a new phase of our elevation of existence.

What this Full Moon means for us? Well, as with all full moons it is the revelation of our intentions set in the new moon, it could be for you the time to let things go or set further intentions on your path forward but the Piscean influence may bring forward certain areas, feelings or beliefs that you have and ask you to question them in their attachment to you moving forward.

The Piscean influence is of a water element, so HELLO emotions! You may feel a little confused over the next few days, not knowing what you want, what you feel or what you’re doing, just like a toddler that hasn’t slept for a 24 hours and is adamant on staying awake.

Things you can do to harness this energy over the weekend:

· Tune into what you really want. Like WHAT DO YOU WANT? Regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. What is it that is calling you, even if it sounds crazy.

· Where is your faith? Do you believe in a higher power or the Earths energy? Do you trust yourself?

· What is it you’re running? This full moon will bring it right to your front door. Have faith and know it is time to process this and leave it behind.

· Are you drinking the anger poison you wish for someone else? Let it go, it’s not worth the energy it takes to hold onto.

· Addictions, dreams and escapism runs high. The illusive side of the Piscean full moon. The stories, the history, the bad habits, are all rising to the surface and it is your choice whether you use the conjunct energy from Saturn to negate it, or keep meddling in the mess.

· COMPASSION FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS. When you have compassion for yourself and others you soften and see the bigger picture, your eyes widen to a perspective that enables ease.

Put your crystals out for charging (and the ones you can’t cleanse in other manners), all your letters that you have cumulated and just let it be.

It can seem like a lot and for some people, not enough, but taking the time out for yourself is crucial to development. It doesn't have to be a long period of time, but just placing attention on YOURSELF, your intentions and basking in the moon light for 5 minutes can do some insanely wonderful things.

Always here! Love and other things xo

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