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I seem to find myself swept up in the occurrences of the world that my writing declines as I get lost in the chaos. What a world we are living in right now! What a time to be alive, such a pivotal point in our existence.

What is occurring above in the stars, plays out here on Earth. The energy is ramping up supporting the ascension and evolution of us as humanity if we choose to listen and allow. Our passion centres are being stoked so that the flames can grow and burn into our expressions and actions. It is one of those times you start to figure out all these underlying reasons for objectives by governments, people in power, public figures and socialites act the way they do- or then again do you believe it all to be false?

The ongoing development of the cov-id has nearly outstayed its welcome. It allowed for an introspective view of how we operate in our lives but as it stretches out and plays moves like that on a chessboard world wide- all occurring in sequences that are too close to be coincidental. If we do not use our voices to speak, our actions to change course, we are going to find our lives change…for good.

I caution you, to observe media from a birds eye view, research the things they share and find the counter opinion to read also. I urge you to eventually move from mainstream media, realising they are owned by the people that are profiting from this madness. There is some information out there that even roll my eyes at, but my eyes have now officially rolled so far that when the dots began to connect, the stories began to align and those who decided this was enough began to speak out, that was it, I wholeheartedly believe in an agenda other than for the goodness of all in the actions of the powerful.

I also believe in the agenda of the spirit, as this testing time is breaking the strongest of people, you can not hide from yourself anymore. We are finding a common thread within humanity to our connected nature. If there is anything we have learnt from the different events in the world is that when we ban together we are pretty unstoppable- and that scares the sh** out of the people who don’t want us to know that power.

The biggest movement in our backyard is that of the children and the ‘silent takeover’ now playing out in Victoria and recently reflected in NZ.

It’s time to ignite a spirit of country and home, of community and positive intention. I am not for a anti-anything rally- but I believe by placing attention on PRO-active objectives we stand in a stronger light. Anger (though I feel it a lot) wins nothing but poison, when a solid stance to allow light to come from you will always speak 10 fold.

Focus on what you do want- not what you DON’T want. We are not running from anything- we need to run INTO it, eyes wide open and hearts ready to give it everything we’ve got. You are a sovereign being, your life is your choice, yours to live so don’t let ANYONE take that away from you.

Uranus is coming into station this week- which will shine a light on our authentic self, our highest expression, the planet of liberation- are you ready?

Image @BlackBirdEmporium

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