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Simple Presence

Just a tap on the shoulder, to be experiencing this moment- fully.

When did everything become so complicated? I can not believe how truthful everyone was being when I was 14 years old and they said ‘life goes faster as you get older’, well ain’t that the truth.

I feel like we are still in February! That I have been in a long sleep woken up and all of a sudden Christmas is around the corner and I’m getting older. I started going through old photos (more like from three years ago) and I had forgotten some of the LIFE I’ve had.

The photos of my Lola (greatdane/daughter) and her puppy stage, the places I’ve been, people I have experienced, met and grown with, the fear I dived into, the weddings, the laughs, the learnings and teachings and opportunities. I even found screenshots of messages of arguments I’ve had that I have either been sending to my Mum or Bestfriend to have a rant, (we all do it) and now reading them thinking to myself how small of a drop it was in that ocean.

I was reminded of all these moments in time, realising how I've either lacked presence in ‘what’ I was doing in the moment or, is it that I was so engaged in them that they were experienced fully and there was no need to hold onto them as memories or attachments? (mind explosion)

Today, I urge you to consciously stop, like completely and take in everything around you. The blades of grass, none like the other, the wind that whistles through leaves and tickles those baby hairs across your face. The look on your dogs face, the beauty in what we have around us, what you are creating and where you are. I know life gets busy, it goes by so fast and the truth is if you don’t catch the wave to ride you will be left behind.

Don’t wait for tomorrow just do whatever you need to do today, but be fully present in it. If it is just sitting with yourself, experiencing all of you, then do it. For me? It’s an early morning with my children (four legged) and that magical sun.

Keep it simple; I’ve got some things going and the ball is rolling fast, so much to reveal to you in the next few weeks, but for now; I’m a girl with her dogs and $10 gumboots covered in cow shit and I love it.

Love and other things.


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