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Spring Equinox September 2020

The equinox- the perfect display of the polarity of life, two sides of the coin, the dark and the light.

A time to honour where you are, where you have been and plan for where you are going (well, as best as you can). To clear the stagnant energy, to honour what has come up within you and wash it away. I for one, met an old phase of my life that resurfaced for some attention. I entertained it and then released it with no regrets of my momentary engagement.

In this potent time- the centre of the Sun is aligned with the centre of the Earth, inviting us to open our heart space and align with our own centre. With so much going on in the world right now, we may be overwhelmed with external distractions (or internal like myself) and be frantic in our approach to settle. The magic is in the Sun- just stand in its power, its’ replenishing light, healing light and suddenly everything just shuts up for a moment (haha) I have never met anyone that has said ‘wow, the Sun is ugly’.

Connect with Earth, ground yourself in nature, allow the sunlight to warm your skin and infiltrate your intelligent body- you’ll feel so nice and sparkly. Then, if you are feeling up to it- the perfect spring clean out is a great experience for mind, body, soul and home space making more room for manifestations and magic.


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