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  • TheIndiGypsy

The Afterburn of this Full Moon.

It was in that moment I knew what I wanted and didn’t know at the same time. I look at that moon, that big, bright gorgeous moon rising in the depths of the graphite blue. Her duty each night, no time off, no evening where her brightness can be questioned. She rises in that sky, regardless of the clouds, temperature, place or whether she feels like it or not. She get’s up and reminds me to get up, to keep fighting, to pay attention to what it is I am not sure I am missing.

I feel myself giving way as all the emotions I thought I had so cleverly hidden begin to bubble and rise to the surface. These bubbles popping, releasing gas into the atmosphere that suffocates me as I breathe it in. What have I forgotten about me that is needed to break this cycle? Why is it that I avoid sitting in the discomfort of my own depth when I preach so loudly of worthy silence? I have no been silent, I’ve been loud and messy. I have torched the paths I have walked so that they may never return, only to release their permanence now etched in my mind.

Without haste, she rises as I look on, curious as to her secrets, she doesn’t hide them, no, she shares them for awakening and realization, only for those who are present to hear. Where is my presence other than to the distraction which aid in my avoid? As I drop in and out of the realities that co-exist, how do I exist within myself and within myself again?

Tell me why as she slowly climbs the silver thread, as I get comfortable with what’s been said.


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