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The Art of Touch

Part 1- Because I've opened a can of freakin' worms.

I was thinking about this concept today, how many people do you touch on a daily basis? Through a handshake, a hug or greeting or are you someone who works with the body or clientele and do you engage in physical touch on a regular basis? Do you touch kiss someone each day? Maybe with a family member or your child in cuddles and the playing of games and engagement?


You can't deny that in the world we are using technology to perform tasks such as video chat conversations, text and messaging platforms and other forms on conversational engagement. These platforms are somewhat 'satisfying' the connection desire so here stands the argument of 'we are now more connected than ever, why are we so lonely?'

I work in an industry where I engage with people everyday. I touch people everyday, whether it be my hand on their forehead or in some other energetic way (always professional) but I am touching human skin most days. Through this touch I am learning about you, I am able to pick up on cues within your space that tell me things about you. Touch is the first sense we acquire, it's how we communicate before the other senses are formed or when you take them away. It is our first experience of a sensations of self and other and we are doing it with less more frequently.

I had a 36 hour period where even in a household where my partner was home for a period, I didn't touch any human person. I was so swept up in what was going on in my to-do list than I didn't even engage with myself. I felt strange, disconnected, seeking something that I wasn't sure of 'what it was' and was completely disengaged from my environment.

Sometimes we feel a craving, and we try to satisfy it with water, food, sugar, a Netflix marathon and can't seem to satisfy it. Strangely enough- I found I was craving physical connection, not sexually, not even romantically, just the feeling of touch and it was that simple. How often do you interact with others in your life? Then, how often do you interact with them where touch is involved? A hand on the shoulder, a squeeze of the hand, the brushing of hair from the face, this is all communication, this is ALL connection and it's so innate to our beings that as we continue to move into this artificial intelligence potential- it's the one thing that can't be replaced.

It is truly the art of non verbal communication. I could go on forever with this, but I will leave this introduction here. Touch is so vital for our survival as human beings. In saying this, please make sure your touching in consensual (just to cover my legal ass) but touch and engage! It's one of the gifts of being human!

Love and other things. xo

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25 de set. de 2019


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