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The Breakthrough....

Welcome to the other side...

Are you glad that's over? Mercury has settled back into her resting place and I now feel like I can walk outside free of the bubble wrap I was using to protect myself from the damages.

On the other side of this magic is today, a new day, filled with opportunity, choices, light, darkness, interactions, actions and a whole lot of love (or hate) which ever you choose to focus on. We have never experienced today before nor will you ever experience it again so, breathe and sit with that idea for a moment as your days actions may alter a little.

We are so much more than just our bodies, the framework, the mind; we are energy that is expressed through everything we do. As the world continues to evolve so do we and we are called to keep up with the evolution, the developments, just like technology evolves and changes- so do we.

What is your path? Purpose? What emotions are you letting control you? Use you? What situations are not serving you? What energy are you holding onto that isn't yours that you are suffering for?

ALL of this does not have to be in your experience as we are called to go deeper, to ancestral roots and remember that under all the societal characteristics you've obtained over the course of your life, you are the creation of atoms, energy, cells, vibratory matter and you have the ability to curate your own existence and life.

If you are on the path of growing your emotional intelligence, well done, if you are opening to the ideas, kudos! Book in an insight session to see where you are at, learn, grow and love yourself and this experience more and more each day, YOU deserve it.

Love and other things. xo


Click the Book a Session link on the homepage to open an email link. Message me! Would love to hear from you!


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