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The Final Frontier

Well at least it feels like it...

Today has been nothing short of 'freaking unbelievable'!!!

If there has ever been a time where I have truly leant into the energy of what was happening it was today. It PEAKED at about 12pm like a freaking piece of burning toast that you can't get out of the grates of the toaster! Everything came to a point, a moment, an emotion that overflowed like a saucepan boiling pasta leaving residue of mess everywhere and the CHOICE of how you (and I) are going to respond.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I offer you my condelsences for whatever the fu** happened in your experience over the past few weeks and especially today, but in the same regard YOU SURVIVED.

Whatever didn't kill you (even though I'm sure you felt like it at the time) has made you stronger. You have come to face things, situations, decisions and events that you didn't think you were going to make it out of alive and wa-lah here you are.

This is a moment to truly pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you just put in. Whether you were on a bandwagon of re-organising your life or even the little things, or if you were rolling around in the emotional mud like a whaling piggy that's bloody fantastic because being in the mud you recognised that you WANT TO FEEL BETTER.

Let everything wind down, let your emotions settle, let frustrations dull and conversations dwindle.Pour a wine, do a happy jig or if you're like me right now, I just need one long big nap! Isn't it so incredible how the universe can put us through something as crazy as this energy but with so much love? You can't get angry about it well you come to the end because you have just upped your skill set and opened yourself up just that little bit further...

Love and other things xo


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