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The Last Full Moon of 2019

In Gemini too- Good Luck ;)

It’s the last one of the year and last of the decade! What an incredible year full of challenges, triumphs, memories made, loss and gain. This year has stayed true to it’s predictions with the full upheaval of everything we ‘thought’ to everything we are beginning to discover.

With this Gemini Full Moon- the airy, adaptable, inquisitive, jack of all trade, MUST EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING energy is evident! The Sun in Sagittarius is fueling that energy of inquisitiveness and motivational energy with some serious fire and the desire to search deeper into the unknown and find reason in this world and spirit of life. Though in these endeavours, if you are feeling a little distracted and have the attention span of a goldfish? Blame the Gemini ;).

The Moon has many relationships during this time and a lot of these relationships present intense energies, ones that are truly asking you to go inward and DECIDE for yourself what is desired and what is not of use. The self-awareness snake climbs her way up our spines to bring to the forefront our decisions and actions in the last stages of this year. What end lay loosely gathered in your life and what tangled messes need to be cut?

The planetary dance is moving at a rate faster than usual, which I am sure there is many of us out there that are looking forward to turning the next page and starting our 2020 journey already, waving goodbye to 2019.

The collapse of the current world order is still so present, we are in the midst of a rotting system, though the power of the Capricorn presence that has been around for a while is the first time it has appeared in 700 years. This break down of systems is warranted and actually it's desired! The key here is not to run into fear and to use these times to enable a new view on how things can be done, achieved and run.

With a large majority of bu**** being fed to us on a daily basis, there is now a larger uprising questioning the integrity and the 'walk your talk' of these so called authoritative figures. This is also mirrored in our own lives so I ask you to take a moment and recognize what bul**** you are feeding yourself? What sub-conscious mind programs that are running on autopilot, lowering your ‘good vibes’ with the ‘monkey mind’ (ego) chatter, grab them, pull them from your energy and literally ‘toss them aside’.

The higher energies of this time are elevating us to get out of the density, the heaviness of this time. The current energy is super dense and I feel like the Earth is reflecting that with the natural disasters occurring around the world to WAKE US UP. Everything is getting wilder, the fires is burning hot, the winds are blowing strong, the floods are rushing in and we can get caught in the chaos. Finding ease in the chaos is where the next step in growth lies- the next stage of 'who we are'.

This is all about the shift, the shift in perception, the shift in choices, the shift within you. Next year isn’t going to be easier, 2020 brings gifts of new adventures, but this energy isn’t slowing down. Find your footing and develop your inner compass, trust yourself and focus this last ride of 2019 on you, completion and freedom from a heavy self.

Moon bathe the crystals and smudge the sh** out of yourself.

Love and other things.



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