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The Only Way Out...

The journey that we take in order to discover who or what we are is unpredictable, terrifying, magical and never ending as we are constantly evolving and changing. I have been experiencing the snow ball effect as I wait for the energy to slow down to give me a ‘break’ but instead it increases at a rapid rate. The choice is whether I decide to step up to the plate and become a co-creator ‘with it’ or I step back into an ‘ignorance is bliss’ mind set (which is probably what the chaos right now is).

What is it going to take for you to step up into the energy that is always available to you? Why do we sit in the chaos? Why is ignorance so comfortable?

We create the chaos in our lives (I know, why on earth would we do that to ourselves!?). By creating chaos it creates distractions that ultimately give us ‘something to figure out’ in our current context instead of moving forward. It’s the hamster wheel that you keep spinning on and things keep adding to the momentum so instead of just GETTING OFF the wheel you continue to ride it like a motherfu**** and keeping running until you either ‘croak’ or your body manifests some terrible illness or breakdown that puts you on your ASS.

So the chaos is event that has propelled me into recognizing my personal power. It has been slamming me in the face and demanding my attention and I have continued to wobble on the idea by not listening to it in it’s entirety, so much that I keep losing myself in the mess.

Our personal power is the choices we make, the actions we perform and how we engage and interact with the world. How we allow ourselves to be treated and how we treat ourselves. Its knowing when to say yes and when and HOW to say NO. It’s knowing that you have no limits but the boundaries that you set for yourself and others are to be honoured. It’s knowing how to use your time, your talent and your abilities for what you desire and the greater good of the world and not to sabotage or undermine yourself or others. Your personal power is knowing your self worth, your strength, the respect you deserve ad most of all LOVE.

I know I have been quiet, but I have been on such a journey of personal growth that I was to look inward and not outward. I am still riding this magical wave and its preparing me for the next set of waves that are coming for me- or I am flowing to them.

Keep your head up and your game strong, we rollin’ through.

Love and other things. xo


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