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The Only Weapon We Know

(let the video/music play as you read if you wish found below)

As new information enters our atmosphere every day, both that of an energetic presence and all the news about the COVID-19. I know your minds may be completely frazzled, but get comfortable with the uncertainty, we have never been here before.

I know you may be scared, worried about your income, your homes, your ability to provide, food, resources or how this is all going to pan out and it’s sometimes extremely hard to swallow when information is offered that doesn’t feed into the frenzy but I am going to give it my best shot.

We, as the human beings we are, are so much more clever than we give ourselves credit for. Look at all we have created, achieved and become and in the same regard look at what fear and panic brings out in us. We are evolving just as the Earth is shifting right beneath our feet and life as we know it, for the moment has changed.

This is a time for DEEP HEALING and for the ultimate SURRENDER. Everything moves so fast and the landscape of our world changes each second and here, right now, we are being given permission to SLOW DOWN.

Whatever you need will be provided, just as we witnessed when we endure hardships and in this new, never experienced before ‘hardship’ we will see leaders rise from the corners of our communities, to lead people into a new way of thinking, communicating and engaging with one another. We have all the resources and tools and our government, regardless of how slow to respond is finally walking to beat of a drum not struck by them, but the drum is now in the hands of the people.

We often complain of our lifestyles with no time for anything and now the time has come where we can call on the innate abilities we collectively share and have just forgotten. There will be those that fall to greed, panic and destruction and the divide will see a brave new world take a new stance and birth a simple movement in such complex times.

The human body is an incredible vessel that we must nurse through this transition. So much of what we consume with ALL our senses is not a necessity, the very necessities are beneath our feet, in our sky, flow in our waters, grow on our trees and are shared with one and other.

The energy that is coming to us and around us right now is stronger than ever and those that perform as conduits are feeling it at this time. As it comes through our crowns and passes through onto the Earth, creating a transactional gateway for the energy of love, light and healing to flow. The desire to turn off and tap out is the final stretch of the rubber band, are you going to fling back into a mechanical life or will the band snap and awareness, consciousness and self be discovered?

The fear and panic is the virus, with acceptance, awakening and surrender the cure. To embrace the worlds suffering and find the pathway forward is the mission, to inspire, enthuse and wander. If we are to lean on each other and discover the possibilities of working together, free from competition, seeing each other as comrade and family, we create a safety in a time where everything is fragile. We are of common humanity and when we discover our common community we can charge the walls of control and fear.

With acceptance and surrender, we turn ourselves downstream to flow with this river of life (nobody wants to paddle upstream, it's damn hard). Turning the pages as we write for those who will read this in history, the is a terrifying gift if you allow it to be.

Surrender, acceptance, flow and healing. Listen to the video below- sit and let your relax into it.

Love and other things xo


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