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Trust Your Gut

‘Trust your gut’ is a phrase that is so undervalued in the current context of our world today. Hour on hour, more information floods to our screens with the only escape to switch off, but with those screens providing us with the means for connection to our loved ones, we are at a catch 22.

There is truth in everything as much as there is lies, some people’s truths might not align with yours and your ideals may conflict theirs. It is all about letting it all lay out in front of you, engage with it, learn about it and spin the table to see each perspective, view, angle and draw your own conclusions.

Our heads can be a messy place. With years of social conditioning and believe it or not, the symbolic nature and manipulation of mass media, movies, television shows, advertising and clever campaigns that have shaped us from the moment we were born. An example of this is how advertising has shaped out behaviours around food and dieting, no fats, low sugar, high fat blab la blab la bla blaaaa.

You, are a sovereign being, who has a purpose of creating your own truth, your own identity and position in the community- the collective. Whatever you choose to believe in, make your truth, create and disregard is solely your prerogative and you may find others with shared beliefs and truths but no one will understand your truth better than you.

This is a time where our innate skills are being brought to the surface and our gut feelings are providing us with more Intel than you could ever believe possible. We are becoming pretty good and smelling a rat as we use the tools that were established to work against us, for us.

Let the information come to you, chew it, digest it, literally let the stuff you don’t want ‘pass’ as the sh** releasing the toxins and allow all the goodness, the nutrient dense knowledge, the building blocks of philosophy, creation and what is true to be absorbed into your body. As you continue to decide FOR YOURSELF, research FOR YOURSELF and allow YOURSELF to explore the depths of what you are capable of, you will shock yourself with what you find.

Trust your gut, it’s a brain less confused with programming and more concerned with consuming quality (even when Easter has just handed it so much chocolatey goodness). Seriously, what are you choosing?

Love and other things xo


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