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Venus Retrograde: May to June 2020

Venus Retrograde is upon us and in relationship to all the planetary movement that occurring- during this transit through Gemini- she crossing the face of the sun- everything is intensified and it's another transformative aspect to 2020.

Venus rules relationships with people, materials, financial and yourself. It rules art, beauty, money, love, food, harmony, dance, music and creative/expressive aspects. Venus places emphasis on the way we feel about ourselves, our aesthetics and how we present ourselves to the world and in the retrograde cycle all these items can be up for review.

Old situations can resurface for resolution or we can be feeling really uncomfortable with how we look with an itch to change. Routines and behaviours come under scrutiny when we become aware of what we are doing, consuming and avoiding and how these areas of our lives may need adjustment.

The last time Venus went into retrograde was October 2018 in Scorpio- have a think back to this time, what was occurring around relationships? What were you experiencing then? Somethings may have not come to a resolve and now some of those themes may surface so you can process and potentially bring them to a close or birth them a new experience.

There could be a completion of relationships (personal, material, financial, commercial), past lovers and lost friendships could suddenly pop into your reality, yeeeepp no kidding. Because Venus is in Gemini in this retrograde COMMUNICATION within all relationships is emphasised. How do you communicate with yourself, your peers, your lover, friends and family? How beneficial is your communication methods within the work place (indicative of the pandemic occurring) and how can we pivot to best adapt to the next phase? How do you spend your money? How do you express yourself? How do you value yourself and others in your experience?

The energy of integrity is emphasised as we begin to realise that we are more powerful, more resourceful when we identify as a community. We are finding that there has been a shift in purchasing from huge companies to local community businesses and a desire to support community endeavours. Anything that comes with delivery, logistics and travel/transport is supported at this time in investigating whether there is a way we can source goods from local businesses instead of large corporations.

Gemini is intellectual, curious and love diversity and likes to have a bit of everything whilst Venus places emphasis on values which form the experience of the reality we are in; so when you have these two influences occurring and there is SO MUCH INFORMATION FROM 10000 DIFFERENT SOURCES flying at our faces everyday we are invited to turn on our open minded, intellectual Gemini essence and combine it with our Venus retrograde influence as the Gemini influence opens the curious nature to hearing opinions and values of others without judgement and disregard. The will enable us to build our own truth spectrum, that doesn’t discriminate from others but has boundaries for your self belief, care and alignment.

Don't buy anything too fancy in this time, re-evaluate your budget, how you spend money and make money. It is a great time to buy things second hand and re-purpose them- give new life to something old.

This is not the time to ‘waffle’ over the energy that comes up. We can get distracted with trying to indulge ourselves in escapism to avoid what flows into our lives, again, try to stay grounded. This is the time to check in with what you are preaching, what you believe, how you communicate with your environment and to bring completion to the events that resurface. It can also be a really intimate time for yourself, to re-wire your heart and love connections within yourself so you can allow for love to flow in, give yourself permission to be loved as you are.

Be present to the unexpected magic that is coming. Below is a self care menu that you can fill out to refer too when you might find yourself feeling a little down, confused or chaotic. It is as simple as consuming 1 thing off the self care menu each day or if you would like a 3 course experience, the choice is yours! Everything is evolving and transforming us, if you would like some more information on where this retrograde is influencing you personally DM me, I'm happy to help.

Love and other things, xoxo.


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