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What Do You Believe?

There are some things that I have never been so certain of in my life. Some conspiracies that I know in my heart speak truth and others than are just wet paper bags. There is so many ideas, perspectives, ideas, propaganda, black spots, shadows and best yet this illuminating light that are all begging for our attention. It’s like being a teacher with a bunch of kindergarten children screaming at you, their needs, wants and what they ‘think’ to be true or any situation. They want your attention, they want your energy…but the only place to put your focus, is yourself.

The gift of insight is upon us as we are able to take stock of our lives, leaning into the depths of our own personal needs and wants, confronted with the ideas of being close to the people we share our lives with (relationships, in our own homes) and our own space that we can so easily be distracted from (until now).

Is what you have believed in for all these years shifting? Is what matters to you most now not aligning with the desires of the people around you? Are you questioning where you stand or more so, who you stand for?

One of the politicians said it the other day ‘the people are hungry for information’ and we are, as more and more evidence of our search history and news advocation is shared and discussed between us. We are continually search for certainty in this uncertain phase of our world which engages different channels to ‘spoon feed’ us the ‘certainties’ of which we have no choosing. There is a story for every angle, it only takes one person to engage and persuade the right way for a new perspective or theory to be birthed.

What we choose to believe is the power that we still hold, the power to of choice and focus.

We can create certainties in our own space but trusting ourselves, our own judgement and by fact checking with ourselves ‘what is currently true, my truth and factual about this situation?’. Allowing ‘safety’ to be felt from within ourselves can be hard, but we have built in survival instincts, like a mother with a newborn baby, we innately have our backs. There may be times when we stagger or find ourselves dip down into the fear static that creates chaos, so we hunger for information, searching for distraction or satisfaction of ego chatter, finding ourselves consuming a whole bunch of junk, that only leaves us with tooth aches and belly aches.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be quite eye opening to dive into the tales that are parading our internet. I feel it in my bones the dark days are coming, where nothing will be accessible and nothing will be known fact. Where acts of the shadows, deaths, battle and even those of justice are to occur. There will be enough time for the cover up’s to be ‘covered’ to be ‘breaking news’ and shared but the white rabbit will always be hiding in the background, hoping that you are able to grab a glimpse as it turns in hope that you will follow its lead.

Your choice is truly yours; your attention is a skill and whatever you choose to believe will allow a freedom from within.

Love and other things xo

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