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When the balance is out...

Well you can not deny that there is worldwide panic. Shop shelves are empty, with no goods to share, hospitals and medical centres are filling much like the worry in the eyes of the people. Is this the first stage of the end of all ends? The world war 3, though anticipated between nations, a fight for survival in biological context? Or is this the greatest wake up call we have ever experienced? We have watched over the past 12 months the breakdown of political systems, secrets of nations and ill practices revealed, the light being directed on the darkness of corners, powers shifting in nations and the growth of the human race as we know it so it would be ignorant to not expect a response.

I want to draw your attention to the Lady Justice (the scales of justice). The personification of these scales dates back to ancient Egypt with the Goddess Maat and later Isis. In many other cultures she has many names, in Greece the Goddess Themis- meaning diving law. The Goddess (which ever name you would prefer to use) would weigh the individual’s heart and mind against symbolically a feather. In modern culture, we define one side truth and fairness in the other.

Now, take these scales and apply it to the context of the equilibrium of life. Understanding is always found at the point of equilibrium, where there is balance, there is harmony, productivity, creativity and function. When the scales are tipped, something must be taken, change or sacrificed in order to balance the scales and the system.

Our planet, regardless of your spiritual, scientific, hedonistic and/or ignorant approach is changing. We, as the inhabitants are mass consumers, moving away from what it is to be human and in the industrialisation age, have become the instruments of machinery ourselves.

The scales are tipped, the balance is out and the Lady of Justice is acting. It’s the opportunity to go back to basics, discover the simplicity of being human. Yes, there are still responsibilities of bills, payments, work and all the life giving actions; but when a PAUSE is placed on you, all you can do is embrace the suffering, accept and navigate through the next phase of this evolution.

When the darkness exists, so does the light. Where something exists, the opposite of it must exist in simultaneous presence. Just as we have night and day, hot and cold and on and off, when the darkness of disease and virus is present, therefore will be a cure (it just might not be what you expect).

Love and other things



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