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Energetic Update: 28|04|2020

Well the New Moon left us with a powerful surge of intention in this Taurus season. The need for stability and certainty is rich in the Taurean season, as materials, roots to the earth, beauty and luxury are its favourite characteristics. Combined that with the moon, the eat, drink, play be merry essence was amplified, only with a Uranus influence and Saturn to limit our freedom in engaging in those practices (thanks isolation).

We have some really incredible planetary dance off’s coming this year, we have Venus in retrograde and a lot experience a Venus return- which I will dive more into in another session- but there is some truly awesome cosmic events occurring; stuff that hasn’t happened for hundreds of years!

Today the Sun is conjunct Uranus in Taurus so we can feel a little manic. The feeling of wanting to break free, make rash decisions may be a little hasty. Don’t stress, you have time and just slow yourself down before cutting that pixie cut okay?

Are you having some trouble with the internet? Working from home? Delayed in emails and even the mail (I have recognised this one) Mercury is square Saturn- so don’t be surprised if people don’t get back to you or if you need to order something for delivery, maybe expect a delay.

One of the most prominent energies being influence by the planets is the chance for introspection and self improvement in a spiritual sense. The word ‘spiritual’ doesn’t mean man buns and yoga or vegan and meditation- it is different for everyone but at the core of it is about spirit of self. This is a chance to question what your beliefs are? Are they even your beliefs? Read and research something that has sparks your curiosity and make some new ground on the road to understanding you. We all are here to discover our paths, to where we belong, to a community that is ‘us’, this is emphasised with a Pluto + Jupiter conjunction.

So be patient with yourself today, be aware of the urge to rebel and stick it too the man. Use this energy to ask yourself where you can shift, adapt, learn and grow as a person to better yourself as an individual and with your wider community.

Love and other things xo

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