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The Burning Feminine...

So the new moon in Aries brought the fiery energy, to begin new, begin again and continue this deep dive into our relationships as we continue to learn more about the one we will spend the rest of our lives with; ourselves.

There has been significant feminine energy ramping up over the past few years, and for the last month we cannot deny it’s presence as it continues to uproot the attachments, the emotions we have pushed ‘way’ down inside of us and laid them out in our current experiences so that we are unable to turn from them anymore, demanding the attention they require in order to be release.

This isn’t the occasional melancholy moment, or the typical upset. These emotions are heavy, ancestral, repeated patterning or negative habits that have cycled for long enough. Each year, as we grow older, the strength grows from within so the healing gets deeper, ‘harder’ and we interface with the trauma that our mind so cleverly avoids- but our bodies never forget.

I am seeing this with even the younger generations, as fragility of their psyche is bombarded with the happenings of their context- they are met with challenges, that have evolved and require support and strength from wisdom mothers, teachers and healers that are continuing to reveal themselves.

This energy is definitely for the sisters, the power struggle, the ‘going it alone’ mentality, the quiet struggle in the corner whilst we adorn the mask of societal norms; this is the breaking point.

So if you feel like you are in a washing machine on spin cycle, that has found itself on a trampoline bouncing at the same time- you’re not alone. We have generations of information stored within our blood and bones that is being triggered at this time and it’s coming out, whether we want it too or not.

There has been no greater time for community, for asking the universe, energy, God or however you like your magic to connect you with the women of the world that are in the stages of healing, to share the path of awakening together and support one another.

This is the birthing suite honey, except the new life that your birthing- is the next chapter of everything.


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