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To The Bottom

Feel like event after event is happening? Like the good comes in like the morning sun only to be blown out with the wind of winters 'down'? There could be something requiring your attention, requiring immediate action in order to bring something to a close. A crisis that has been stirring in your life or all of those around you.

The Sun enters the sign of Gemini soon. I am hoping within this new phase of energy the knowing, intellectual magic of the Gemini sparks the curious minds to learn, research and develop new ways of looking at the information around us; it’s time to get to the bottom of things.

The fleeting energy of Leo will support the expression of self, if you feel a little creative over the next day or two but with the fiery nature easily accessed so take a breath before you explode over a minor action. We are seeking stability into a changing world, currently living in a context of not being able to fully understand our surroundings until we come back to centre, a knowing within ourselves that we are all playing a part in evolution in this Aquarius age.

Bloodstone is really good in to carry for the next few days, Labradorite is your next bet for the next month, but again- just follow your intuition.

You might find that you have conflicting thoughts on things you usually are directive with. This is just the mental energy bouncing around and if not known, can trick you as doubt; so if you feel like your doubting yourself a little extra, you now know why.

Extra salt intake this month, pumpkin, potatoes, and warming foods. We are in Autumn where the earth breathes into the soil, drawing in the nutrients she needs to prepare for Winter, and we are to learn from the Mother and do this for ourselves.


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